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Piwik web analytics essentials

Piwik web analytics essentials

Author: Stephan A. Miller
Pages: 326
Edition: 1edition
ISBN: 9781849518482
Price: 47,84€33,49 €

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A complete guide to tracking visitors on your websites, e-commerce shopping carts, and apps using Piwik Web Analytics
Track customers on your websites and apps and improve conversion rates right away
Customize your tracking for every application and situation
Embed Piwik's tracking capabilities in other applications
In Detail
Without web analytics, you are blind on the internet. In order to improve conversions and revenue on your web- site, you need to know what is going on. Piwik gives you this data and unlike Google Analytics, gives you total control over its usage. Unlike Google analytics where the data can be read by Google, Piwik maintains complete confidentiality of your website data. By harnessing the power of your tracked data, you can raise the conversion rates on your website to new heights.
"Piwik Web Analytics Essentials" will show you how to install Piwik Open Source Analytics and have you tracking your website’s visitors within an hour after you pick up the book! After that, you will learn how to track custom events and programmatically trigger tracking events. The book continues with ecommerce tracking and advanced Piwik API usage.
This book will take you from installing Piwik on your web server to writing custom tracking code for your apps.
You will learn goal and event tracking techniques and how to add them to your standard tracking to fine tune your analytics results. Nothing is untrackable using Piwik: ecommerce shopping carts, web apps, phone apps, and more can make use of Piwik tracking capabilities.
"Piwik Web Analytics Essentials" will walk you through every step with detailed screenshots

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