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Unreal development kit game programming with unrealscript: beginner's guide

Unreal development kit game programming with unrealscript: beginner's guide

Autor: Cordone, Rachel
Paginas: 446
Edición: 1edición
ISBN: 9781849691925
Precio: 56,16 €

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Rating 9.5/10 04-03-2012
por Gputoaster
Unreal Engine 3 is slowly fanning out its wings and no matter the engine is so much configurable that its almost possible to do anything with it. In reality the engine is much easer to configure than most of its competitors. Author Rachel brings this book to the Unreal enthusiasts a ray of light. The book gives an ultimate experience of the Unreal script and its flexibility in UDK's environment. The most catchy part of this book is, its DEVELOPER friendly. And by that means, you as a developer will definitely write some programs(Scripts actually ;)). The second most best thing; topics are explained with the details explained word to word, and that requires a real patience and smart work. Thirdly, you will find all the output and intermediate screenshots throughout the book and lastly, the code itself. This book is highly recommended for beginners and professionals. Even if you have never done coding in your life, this the chance to get the feel of it with Unreal Script. Though the book is places a good start point, I was expecting some introduction to advanced stuffs like Advanced AI Prediction System, Scaleform and flash integration. Well that requires a separate dedicated topic and thats a request to the Author to bring some more titles like this one. At last you will defintely enjoy reading and scripting with Unreal development kit. I would rate 9.5/10 for the content and the technique of explantion for the beginners.
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