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Programming google app engine with java

Programming google app engine with java

Autor: Dan Sanderson
Editorial: O'REILLY
Paginas: 406
Edición: 1edición
ISBN: 9781491900208
Precio: 39,9 €

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This practical guide shows intermediate and advanced web and mobile app developers how to build highly scalable Java applications in the cloud with Google App Engine. The flagship of Google's Cloud Platform, App Engine hosts your app on infrastructure that grows automatically with your traffic, minimizing up-front costs and accommodating unexpected visitors. You’ll learn hands-on how to perform common development tasks with App Engine services and development tools, including deployment and maintenance.
For Java applications, App Engine provides a J2EE standard servlet container with a complete Java 7 JVM and standard library. Because App Engine supports common Java API standards, your code stays clean and portable.
Get a hands-on introduction to App Engine's tools and features, using an example application
Simulate App Engine on your development machine directly from Eclipse
Structure your app into individually addressable modules, each with its own scaling configuration
Exploit the power of the scalable Cloud Datastore, using queries, transactions, and data modeling with JPA
Use Cloud SQL for standard relational databases with App Engine applications
Learn how to deploy, manage, and inspect your application on Google infrastructure

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