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Patterns-based engineering: successfully delivering solutions via patterns

Patterns-based engineering: successfully delivering solutions via patterns

Autor: Gonzalez, Celso; Ackerman, Lee
Paginas: 444
Fecha edición: 30-07-2010
ISBN: 9780321574282
Precio: 46,75 €

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In Patterns-Based Engineering, two leading experts bring together true best practices for developing and deploying successful software-intensive systems. Drawing on their extensive enterprise development experience, the authors show how to deliver on the promise of a patterns-based approach and consistently create higher-quality solutions faster, with fewer resources.
Lee Ackerman and Celso Gonzalez show how Patterns-Based Engineering (PBE) can help you systematically overcome the obstacles to success with patterns. By bringing discipline and clarity to patterns usage, their techniques enable you to replicate your success broadly and scale patterns into even the largest projects.
Ackerman and Gonzalezintroduce powerful ways to discover, design, create, package, and consume patterns based on your own companys experience and best practices. They also present extensive coverage of the nontechnical aspects of making patterns work, including a full chapter of guidance on clearing up misconceptions that stand in your way.
Coverage includes:
Using patterns to optimize the entire development lifecycle, including design, coding, testing, and deployment
Systematically managing the risks and economic returns associated with patterns
Effectively implementing PBE roles, tasks, work products, and tools
Integrating PBE with existing development processes, including eXtreme Programming, Scrum, and OpenUP
Using Domain Specific Languages (DSLs) with patterns
Whether you're an architect, designer, developer, analyst, project manager, or process engineer, Patterns-Based Engineering will help you to consistently drive greater business value and agility from patterns.

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