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Openlayers cookbook

Openlayers cookbook

Autor: Antonio Santiago Perez
Paginas: 284
Edición: 1edición
Fecha edición: 31-08-2012
ISBN: 9781849517843
Precio: 47,84 €

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60 recipes to create GIS web applications with the open source JavaScript library

1. Understand the main concepts about maps, layers, controls, protocols, events etc
2. Learn about the important tile providers and WMS servers
3. Packed with code examples and screenshots for practical, easy learning

In Detail

Data visualization and analysis has become an important task for many companies. Understanding the basic concepts of GIS and knowing how to visualize data on a map is a required ability for many professionals today. OpenLayers is a JavaScript library to load, display, and render maps from multiple sources on web pages.

"OpenLayers Cookbook" teaches how to work with OpenLayers, one of the most important and complete open source JavaScript libraries. Through an extensive set of recipes, this book shows how to work with the main concepts required to build a GIS web application- maps, raster and vectorial layers, styling, theming, and so on.

"OpenLayers Cookbook" includes problem solving and how-to recipes for the most common and important tasks. A wide range of topics are covered.

The range of recipes includes: creating basic maps, working with raster and vector layers, understanding events and working with main controls, reading features from different data sources, styling features, and understanding the underlying architecture.

"OpenLayers Cookbook" describes solutions and optimizations to problems commonly found.

What will you learn from this book

1. Create maps, understand projection and other important properties
2. Add raster and vector layers
3. Work with important tile providers
4. Work with OGCs WMS and WFS compliant servers
5. Read/write features from/to different data sources
6. Style features to improve their visualization
7. Understand events and work with the main controls


This cookbook follows a problem-solution approach to doing important tasks and is packed with examples accompanied by the necessary code and screenshots.

Who this book is written for

If you are a GIS-related professional with some basic knowledge of web technologies and want to start or gain in-depth knowledge of creating web mapping applications, this book is written for you

The recipes are appropriately mixed to suit JavaScript newbies or experts and cover basic to advanced topics on OpenLayers.

About the Author

Antonio Santiago Perez

Antonio is a Computer Science professional with more than ten years of experience in designing and implementing systems.

Since the beginning of his professional life, his work has been always related to the world of meteorology while working for different companies as an employee or freelancer. He has good experience in development of systems which collect, store, transform, analyze, and visualize data and is actively interested in any GIS-related technology, with preference for data visualization.

His main field of experience is the Java ecosystem, and he has also worked actively with many related web technologies while looking to improve the client side of web applications.

He is a firm believer in Software Engineering practices and is a follower of Agile methodologies, involving customers as a main key to the project's success.
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