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More math into latex

More math into latex

Autor: Gratzer, George
Paginas: 620
Edición: 4edición
Fecha edición: 12-04-2011
ISBN: 9780387322896
Precio: 59,9 €

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This is the fourth edition of the standard introductory text and complete reference for scientists in all disciplines, as well as engineers. This fully revised version includes important updates on articles and books as well as information on a crucial new topic: how to create transparencies and computer projections, both for classrooms and professional meetings. The text maintains its user-friendly, example-based, visual approach, gently easing readers into the secrets of Latex with The Short Course. Then it introduces basic ideas through sample articles and documents. It includes a visual guide and detailed exposition of multiline math formulas, and even provides instructions on preparing books for publishers.
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