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Iphone and ipad in action 2nd edition

Iphone and ipad in action 2nd edition

Autor: Appelcline, Shannon; Allen, Christopher; Trebitowski, Brandon
Editorial: MANNING
Paginas: 407
Edición: 2edición
Fecha edición: 01-08-2010
ISBN: 9781935182580
Precio: 46 €

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This second edition of iPhone In Action, compiled by mobile software developer and blogger Brandon Trebitowski, simplifies existing iPhone topics while also updating them to account for the 3.x SDK framework. Beyond covering the basics of iPhone development, this edition also explores exciting topics such as the accelerometer, peer-to-peer gaming, mapkit, push notifications, and in-app purchasing. The reader is provided with step-by-step instructions on how to integrate the APIs into new or existing applications.. After completing this book, the reader will have all of the knowledge necessary to create fully functional iPhone applications ready for the App Store. There are many sample applications to work from including a chat client, video game, interactive map, and many others.
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