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Introducing maya 2011 book/cd package

Introducing maya 2011 book/cd package

Autor: Derakhshani, Darius
Editorial: WILEY
Paginas: 636
Fecha edición: 15-07-2010
ISBN: 9780470502167
Precio: 56 €

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A practical, step-by-step guide to Maya 2011
Four previous editions can't be wrong: this book is the perfect introduction to 3D and Maya. Learn to build and animate your own digital models and scenes with step-by-step instruction and fun and practical examples, while you draw inspiration from the striking examples included from talented Maya users. You'll create a simple animation of the planets in the solar system, learn to model a human hand and a decorative box among other projects and master all essential tools.

Provides a thorough, step-by-step introduction to Maya 2011
Explains the core concepts of CG and working in 3D
Covers modeling, rigging, HDRI lighting, mental ray rendering, and more
Provides project files on CD and walks you through the creation of several projects; the CD also includes images, movies, and scene files
Includes a color insert with pages of striking examples from talented Maya beginners
Build your Maya and animation skills from the ground up with this practical, thorough guide.

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