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Fiesta - branding and identity for festivals

Fiesta - branding and identity for festivals

Autor: Wang Shaoqiang
Paginas: 240
Fecha edición: 03-04-2018
ISBN: 9788416851362
Precio: 45 €

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Fiesta: The Branding and Identity of Festivals is a compilation of remarkable branding designs and campaigns for a variety of renowned festivals from around the world. The festivals examined span the worlds of music, cinema, design, gastronomy, culture, and art. The identity and communication campaign strategies deployed by festivals encompass an endless array of design techniques, from graphic elements such as logos, posters, web pages, advertisements, mobile apps, tickets, and wristbands to collectible items like T-shirts, bags, and cups. This volume will inspire and serve as a useful tool for graphic designers and branding agencies that seek to handle challenging and wide-ranging festival projects with the highest degree of creativity and imagination, as well as for festival organizers and anyone interested in visual culture in general. The events featured, which include Flow Festival, Green Film Fest, ADC Awards, Forward Design Festival, and Barcelona Design Week, show that the success of a festival has a close connection to its tailor-made branding and design and that no matter what the subject of the festival is, it is essential to have a coherent identity strategy.

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