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Designing efficient bpm applications: a process-based guide for beginners

Designing efficient bpm applications: a process-based guide for beginners

Autor: Christine Mckinty
Editorial: O'REILLY
Paginas: 144
Edición: 1edición
ISBN: 9781491924716
Precio: 29 €

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Every business uses business processes. These are the everyday tasks you do to obtain and keep customers, maintain a competitive edge, and stay profitable. They are also the tasks that keep the lights on, the coffee machine filled, your phones connected, your payroll run, and your bills sent. Using an example that is familiar to all businesses, this book shows how to easily automate it and turn it into a process-based application.
This step-by-step approach, with hands-on examples, leads you through the creation of an online process that is easy to use. With an efficient and repeatable process, you'll save time and money, so you can concentrate on what your business is really about.
Provides a step-by-step approach to designing a business process from the ground up
Features a hands-on, real-world framework to model and then run a BPM process using free, open source software
Authors are both business analysts at Bonitasoft with more than 20 years' combined experience creating BPM processes and applications

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