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Dangerous weapons the king`s indian

Dangerous weapons the king`s indian

Autor: Palliser
Paginas: 272
Edición: 1edición
Fecha edición: 22-09-2010
ISBN: 9781857445930
Precio: 22,5 €

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Everyman Chess, United Kingdom, 2010. Paperback. Estado de conservación: New. Brand New Book with Free Worldwide Delivery. Are you tired of playing the same old openings time and time again? Perhaps it's time for a change, but you cannot decide between the numerous options available? Here's the answer: choose Dangerous Weapons and amaze your opponents with new and exciting opening ideas! In this book, three renowned opening experts get together to take a revolutionary look at the ever-popular King's Indian. Instead of travelling down well-trodden and analysed paths, they concentrate on fresh or little-explored variations, selecting a wealth of 'dangerous' options for both colours. Whether playing White or Black, a study of this book will leave you confident and fully-armed, and your opponents running for cover! Dangerous Weapons is a series of opening books which supply the reader with an abundance of hard-hitting ideas to revitalize his or her opening repertoire. Many of the carefully chosen weapons are innovative, visually shocking, incredibly tricky, or have been unfairly discarded; they are guaranteed to throw even your most experienced opponents off balance.

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