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Cinema 4d. the artist's project sourcebook

Cinema 4d. the artist's project sourcebook

Autor: Anne Powers
Editorial: FOCAL PRESS
Paginas: 350
Edición: 2edición
Fecha edición: 04-03-2009
ISBN: 9780240809533
Precio: 59 €

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Make the creative leap to 3D. Realize your artistic vision with this treasure chest of instructional projects. Get the essential concepts & techniques without drowning in the technical complexities.
This new edition is an artist's sourcebook for the visionary in you that wants to master 3D_and have fun in the process. It serves as a complete guide for the creative use of CINEMA 4D R10 and all of its modules. This edition features an engaging full-color presentation of short, playful projects show you how to put this powerful toolset to work. You will master R10's improved workflow, scene management, enhanced animation timeline & searchable object manager, as well as its:
- MOCCA 3 system, including Joints, Skin Objects, the Weight Tool, the Morph Tool, Visual Selector and Clothilde;
- MoGraph module for motion graphics, type manipulation & the animation of multiple forms;
- Bodypaint 3D for applying 2D drawing & painting skills to 3D models;
- Advanced modeling tools such as the Brush tool;
- Interface with third-party applications including Z-Brush, and Adobe's Creative Suite.
You also get inventive quick starts for other modules including Hair, Sketch and Toon, Advanced Render, Dynamics and Thinking Particles.
The companion DVD is bursting to the brim with project source files, extra projects, tutorial movies, guest artist tutorials, inspirational galleries and unique C4D Teacher Files (C4D scenes with embedded step-by-step instruction).
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