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Building android apps with html, css and javascript

Building android apps with html, css and javascript

Autor: Stark, Jonathan
Editorial: O'REILLY
Edición: 1edición
Fecha edición: 01-09-2010
ISBN: 9781449383268
Precio: 35 €

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If you know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, you already have the tools you need to develop Android applications. This hands-on book shows you how to use these open source web standards to design and build apps that can be adapted for any Android device -- without having to use Java.
You'll learn how to create an Android-friendly web app on the platform of your choice, and then convert it to a native Android app with the free PhoneGap framework. Discover why device-agnostic mobile apps are the wave of the future, and start building apps that offer greater flexibility and a broader reach.
Learn the basics for making a web page look great on the Android web browser
Convert a website into a web application, complete with progress indicators and more
Add animation with jQTouch to make your web app look and feel like a native Android app
Take advantage of client-side data storage with apps that run even when the Android device is offline
Use PhoneGap to hook into advanced Android features -- including the accelerometer, geolocation, and alerts
Test and debug your app on the Web under load with real users, and then submit the finished product to the Android Market
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