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Bioinformatics programming using python

Bioinformatics programming using python

Autor: Tisdall, James; Model, Mitchell
Editorial: O'REILLY
Paginas: 492
Fecha edición: 01-09-2010
ISBN: 9780596154509
Precio: 69 €

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Powerful, flexible, and easy to use, Python is an ideal language for building software tools and applications for life science research and development. This unique book shows you how to program with Python, using code examples taken directly from bioinformatics. In a short time, you'll be using sophisticated techniques and Python modules that are particularly effective for bioinformatics programming.
Bioinformatics Programming Using Python is perfect for anyone involved with bioinformatics -- researchers, support staff, students, and software developers interested in writing bioinformatics applications. You'll find it useful whether you already use Python, write code in another language, or have no programming experience at all. It's an excellent self-instruction tool, as well as a handy reference when facing the challenges of real-life programming tasks.
Become familiar with Python's fundamentals, including ways to develop simple applications
Learn how to use Python modules for pattern matching, structured text processing, online data retrieval, and database access
Discover generalized patterns that cover a large proportion of how Python code is used in bioinformatics
Learn how to apply the principles and techniques of object-oriented programming
Benefit from the "tips and traps" section in each chapter

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