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Beyond 3g. bringing networks, terminals and the web together

Beyond 3g. bringing networks, terminals and the web together

Autor: Martin Sauter
Editorial: WILEY
Paginas: 368
Edición: 1edición
Fecha edición: 19-12-2008
ISBN: 9780470751886
Precio: 92 €

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Giving a sound technical introduction to 3GPP LTE and SAE, this book explains the decisions taken during standardization while also examining the likely competition for LTE such as HSPA+ and WiMAX. As well as looking at next generation network technologies, Beyond 3G describes the latest mobile device developments, voice and multimedia services and mobile web 2.0. It considers not only how systems, devices and software work but also why they are designed in this particular way. How these elements strongly influence each other is discussed as well as how network capabilities, available bandwidth, mobile device capabilities, and new application concepts will shape how we communicate in the future.

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