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 apple automator with applescript bible

apple automator with applescript bible

Autor: Myer, Thomas
Editorial: WILEY
Paginas: 540
Fecha edición: 18-11-2009
ISBN: 9780470525869
Precio: 49 €

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One-stop reference helps you get the most out of AppleScript and Automator
One of the handiest ways to streamline your workload is to automate some of your most routine computer tasks. Mac users are lucky in that they have AppleScript and Automator automation tools built right in. This comprehensive guide shows you how to tap both these useful Mac features for Mac OS X and regularly perform such tasks as extracting unread e-mails from your Mail, scheduling workflows, and manually recording actions to create new automated routines.
Brings you up to speed on Apple's built-in automation tools for Mac OS X, including a more thorough look at Automator than in many books, and shows you how you can automate many of your most repetitive or error-prone tasks
Explains how to automate aspects of some of your favorite Mac features, such as iCal, Mail, iPhoto, iTunes, and iDVD
Covers how to manipulate files and folders; work with PDFs, emails, and Web pages; schedule workflows; set up watch folders; create and use variables; manually record actions; and create AppleScripts that further automate functions
The instruction in this detailed guide will help you increase your productivity using Automator and AppleScript.

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