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App inventor create your own android apps

App inventor create your own android apps

Editorial: O'REILLY
Paginas: 360
Edición: 1edición
Fecha edición: 13-07-2011
ISBN: 9781449397487
Precio: 49 €

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Yes, you can create your own apps for Android phones-and it's easy to do. This extraordinary book introduces App Inventor for Android, a powerful visual tool that lets anyone build apps for Android-based devices. Learn the basics of App Inventor with step-by-step instructions for more than a dozen fun projects, such as creating location-aware apps, data storage, and apps that include decision-making logic.
The second half of the book features an Inventor's manual to help you understand the fundamentals of app building and computer science. App Inventor makes an excellent textbook for beginners and experienced developers alike.
Design games and other apps with 2D graphics and animation
Create custom multi-media quizzes and study guides
Create a custom tour of your city, school, or workplace
Use an Android phone to control a LEGO® MINDSTORMS® NXT robot
Build location-aware apps by working with your phone’s sensors
Explore apps that incorporate information from the Web
Learn computer science as you build your apps

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