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Aircraft performance

Aircraft performance

Autor: Maido Saarlas
Editorial: WILEY
Paginas: 296
Fecha edición: 22-05-2010
ISBN: 9780470044162
Precio: 148,5 €

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Straightforward methods to design and operate aircraft to meet performance specifications

Aircraft Performance sets forth a group of tested and proven methods needed to determine the performance of an aircraft. The central theme of this book is the energy method, which More...
enhances understanding of the standard methods and provides accessibility to advanced topics. As a result, readers gain a thorough understanding of the performance issues involved in operating an aircraft in an efficient and economic manner.

While covering all the standard topics--level and climbing flight, range and endurance, take-off and landing, and maneuvering flight--the book focuses on the energy methods applied to path performance analysis. Throughout the text, numerous examples from both the commercial and military sectors show readers how the concepts and calculations are applied to real-life situations. Problems, ranging from basic to complex, test the readers' understanding and provide an opportunity for essential practice.

To help focus the readers' attention on core issues, this text assumes that aerodynamics and propulsion are known inputs. Special appendices are provided to present some aerodynamic and propulsive equations and data. In general, topics are separated into horizontal and vertical plane approaches. Following an introduction and overview, basic energy concepts are employed to obtain a fundamental performance equation.
This text, with its extensive use of examples and problem sets, is ideal for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in engineering. It also serves as a reference for design engineers in both military and industrial sectors who want a set of clear and reliable methods to calculate aircraft performance.

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