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Author: Bratt, Benjamin
Editorial: FOCAL PRESS
Pages: 288
Edition: 1edition
Edition date: 28-03-2011
ISBN: 9780240817040
Price: 45 €

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Hone your skills to become a valued roto artist and master what it takes to create seamless mattes for every shot. Through illustrious four color presentation, the book features step-by-step instruction on the artistic techniques of rotoscoping with lessons on: *Articulate mattes *Motion tracking *Advanced rotoscoping, and much more It also features practical insight on the subject and industry, delving into: *The history and evolution of rotoscoping and the role of the roto artist *A typical day in the life of a roto artist *How to get a job as a roto artist.
*4-color presentation full of roto tips and techniques will have you performing like a seasoned pro in hours *Application-agnostic technical insight allows the reader to implement lessons learned regardless of software being used *Accompanying CD and companion website provides project files and sequences on which the reader can implement the techniques they learned in the book, as well as other bonus materials
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