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Responsive theming for drupal

Responsive theming for drupal

Author: Mike Crittenden
Editorial: O'REILLY
Pages: 64
Edition: 1edition
ISBN: 9781449373313
Price: 19,9 €

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If you want your Drupal website to work well on smartphones, tablets, and desktops, this practical guide shows you how to incorporate Responsive Web Design (RWD) with specific Drupal 7 themes. You’ll learn how to create attractive, easy-to-navigate layouts for everything from tiny phone screens to 30-inch desktop monitors-all with the same codebase.
Ideal for experienced Drupal developers, this book takes you through RWD basics and shows you how to build sites based on Aurora, Zen, and Omega-three popular base themes created by Drupal contributors. Whether you’re creating a new site with RWD or adapting an existing one, you’ll learn how to become a better, more efficient Drupal themer.
Understand how Responsive Web Design and CSS media queries work
Learn how the Sass stylesheet language and Compass framework support RWD
Adopt a mobile-first approach to RWD-and learn why it’s important
Get step-by-step instructions for creating custom subthemes on top of Aurora, Zen, and Omega
Tackle common problems when building and theming responsive Drupal sites
Explore alternative options for accommodating smartphone and tablet users

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