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Pro sql server 2008 policy-based management

Pro sql server 2008 policy-based management

Author: Segarra,; Simmons, Ken
Editorial: APRESS
Pages: 300
Edition: 1edition
Edition date: 29-04-2010
ISBN: 9781430229100
Price: 59,9 €

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Pro SQL Server 2008 Policy-Based Management is critical for database administrators seeking in-depth knowledge on administering servers using the new policy-based management features introduced in SQL Server 2008. This book will cover everything from a basic introduction to policy-based management to creating your own custom policies to enforce consistent rules across your organization.
Provides in-depth treatment of policy-based management in a single source
Provides practical usage scenarios for policy-based management
Provides guidance to help meet growing regulatory compliance needs
What you’ll learn
Learn about policy-based management and why you should implement it.
Create policies to maintain a consistent, predictable environment throughout your organization.
Audit organizational compliance with policies automatically, across any number of servers.
Help ensure compliance with PCI rules, HIPAA rules, and other government regulations.
Configure and receive alerts for policy violations.
View and report on the state of your policies.
This book is for database administrators who wish to apply consistent management practices across dozens and even hundreds of database servers.

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