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Pro spring dynamic modules for osgi service plataforms

Pro spring dynamic modules for osgi service plataforms

Author: Daniel Rubio
Editorial: APRESS
Pages: 374
Edition: 1edition
Edition date: 12-02-2009
ISBN: 9781430216124
Price: 49 €

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Spring and OSGi’s features are a natural fit; they are orthogonal to each other: OSGi is about packaging, deployment, and versioning issues, while Spring is about providing the necessary foundation to wire up Java classes in their most basic form using dependency injection and aspect orientation to fulfill an application’s purpose.
Pro Spring Dynamic Modules for OSGi Service Platforms by Daniel Rubio is the first book to cover OSGi as practically implemented by the world’s most popular, agile, and open source enterprise Java framework, Spring.
Author Daniel Rubio covers the ease at which OSGi is used with the Spring Framework in development, packaging, versioning, and deployment.
Enterprises are trusting Spring more and more, and this book leverages OSGi in a way that can “complete” the use of Spring in the enterprise, as OSGi is already being trusted and adopted by IBM, BEA, and others.
The text discusses how Spring OSGi makes your Spring applications trusted SOA applications.

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