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Microsoft sql server 2012 analysis services

Microsoft sql server 2012 analysis services

Author: Chris Webb; Alberto Ferrari; Marco Russo
Pages: 656
Edition: 1edition
Edition date: 07-08-2012
ISBN: 9780735658189
Price: 67,15€47,01 €

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Create Business Intelligence (BI) solutions with the Business Intelligence Semantic Model (BISM) Tabular model and discover a simpler method for analyzing business data. Led by three BI experts, you ll learn how to use several BISM tools, such as the Vertipaq in-memory storage engine, the DAX programming language, and the semantic model that enables data navigation. Whether you re experienced with the BISM Multidimensional model or a SQL Server developer new to Analysis Services, this book is the ideal way to get started with the BISM Tabular model.

Topics include: BISM architecture Loading data inside the tabular model Basics of the DAX language Understanding evaluation contexts Querying tabular Understanding time intelligence in DAX

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