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Indie rock 101: running, recording and promoting your band

Indie rock 101: running, recording and promoting your band

Author: Richard Turgeon
Editorial: FOCAL PRESS
Pages: 176
Edition: 1edition
Edition date: 16-04-2009
ISBN: 9780240811963
Price: 33 €

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Indie Rock 101 is a clear, concise, all-in-one primer for beginning to mid-level musicians looking for the essential fundamentals behind running, recording and promoting their band. It's all the basics that can take years to collate from more specialized or technical books, magazines and websites-and it's written by a real independent musician. Part I, Running Your Band covers the topics most relevant to forming and running the band: the people, practice and songwriting Part II, Recording covers pre-production considerations, gear and how-to basics, and timeless fundamentals and techniques around recording, mixing and mastering Part III, Promoting covers what you need to know to establish and grow your fan base, including graphic design, your press kit and website, sharing and selling your music, playing out and making a videoWhether you're just starting out or looking for a 360-degree primer to help take your music to the next level, Indie Rock 101 is the one book that covers it all.Featuring photos and Q&As from:Birdmonster. CDBaby founder Derek Sivers. Juliana Hatfield. John Vanderslice. Karate. Mark Kozelek of Written by music industry insider, learn from someone who has been there and succeeded. Gives insight and need to know information on running, recording and promoting your band that is usually gained through painful experience- overcome the barriers facing your band Get on the runway to becoming pro, explains how to navigate the music world without a label and get your music out to the world

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