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Franzis tutorial kit 50 experiments with renewable energy

Franzis tutorial kit 50 experiments with renewable energy

Author: Sofort Lieferbar
Pages: 176
Edition: 1edition
ISBN: 9783645652339
Price: 59,9 €

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Discover how the production of energy out of sun, wind and water works and how the generated energy can be stored. This tutorial kit imparts basic knowledge on renewable energy and guides you from one experiment to the other.
Grasp knowledge - physically!
Use the components in this kit to discover solar thermal energy, photovoltaics, wind energy, hydrodynamic power and the possibilities for storing energy. From solar collectors to solar drives and wind generators to storage devices for renewable energy, you can experience these technologies with the help of the included manual and the numerous components.
Unpack and get started
The components can be simply plugged in, so that you can get started without any complicated soldering. For your experiments you are provided with components like a solar module, a gold cap accumulator, a motor generator, wind rotor blades, a water wheel, a transistor and much more.

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