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Felx on rails bulding rich internet applications adobe felx 3 and rails 2

Felx on rails bulding rich internet applications adobe felx 3 and rails 2

Author: Tony Hillerson, Daniel Wanja
Pages: 360
Edition: 1edition
Edition date: 28-01-2009
ISBN: 9780321543370
Price: 55 €

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There's no question you're going to be a better Flex and Rails developer when you're done reading this book." --From the Foreword by Matt Chotin, Senior Product Manager, Adobe Systems, Inc. Adobe Flex enables the rapid development of rich and engaging user experiences. Ruby on Rails dramatically simplifies the development of database-driven web applications. Now there's a book that shows how to use the newest versions of both frameworks together to create state-of-the-art Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). Flex on Rails begins with the absolute essentials: setting up your environment for Flex and Rails, passing data with XML, and integrating Flex front-ends with Rails back-ends. Then, using practical, easy-to-understand code examples, the authors take you from the basics to advanced topics only discussed in this book. Techniques covered here include *Constructing sophisticated interfaces that can't be created with AJAX alone*Using RESTful services to expose applications for access via APIs*Testing Flex and Rails together*Using Flex Frameworks*Getting Flex into your build/deploy process*And more!
The authors also offer practical introductions to powerful complementary technologies, such as RubyAMF and Juggernaut. Written by developers with extensive experience using both frameworks, this book covers the new Adobe Flex 3 and Ruby on Rails 2 from the ground up. Even if you have minimal experience with Flex or Rails, you'll learn all you need to know to use them to build exceptional production applications.
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