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Directing and producing for television: a format approach

Directing and producing for television: a format approach

Author: Cury, Ivan
Editorial: FOCAL PRESS
Pages: 300
Edition: 4edition
Edition date: 01-11-2010
ISBN: 9780240812939
Price: 55 €

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Directing and Producing for Television provides you with the tools you'll need to direct and produce effectively in a variety of settings. Based on his years of experience in the industry and teaching the subject, Cury illustrates fundamental principles with engaging anecdotes that teach by example.

Ideal for students in television production courses as well as industry professionals, Directing and Producing for Television addresses critical production techniques for various formats including panel programs, demonstration, scripted, music, commercials, PSAs, news, documentaries, remote broadcasting, and sports. Each chapter concludes with a valuable review section summarizing key points.

Written with both the director and producer in mind, but particularly relevant for the television director, Directing and Producing for Television gives a comprehensive overview of the facility (studio, control room, and/or support areas) and provides who's who information covering the various jobs and personnel involved in television programs.
* Key updates on digital cameras and editing technologies. * A chapter on remote broadcasting highlights important considerations when producing sporting events.
*Brand new coverage of reality television * International glossary containing who's who and what's what information applicable to the US and UK make this the ultimate guide for any television format.

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