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Cmos biomicrosystems: where electronics meet biology

Cmos biomicrosystems: where electronics meet biology

Author: Krzysztof Iniewski
Editorial: WILEY
Pages: 520
Edition: 1edition
Edition date: 28-10-2011
ISBN: 9780470641903
Price: 156 €

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The book will address the-state-of-the-art in integrated Bio-Microsystems that integrate microelectronics with fluidics, photonics, and mechanics. New exciting opportunities in emerging applications that will take system performance beyond offered by traditional CMOS based circuits are discussed in detail. The book is a must for anyone serious about microelectronics integration possibilities for future technologies.
The book is written by top notch international experts in industry and academia. The intended audience is practicing engineers with electronics background that want to learn about integrated microsystems. The book will be also used as a recommended reading and supplementary material in graduate course curriculum.

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