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Beginning java se 6 game programming

Beginning java se 6 game programming

Author: Harbour, Jonathan
Pages: 370
Edition: 3edition
Edition date: 09-03-2011
ISBN: 9781435458086
Price: 38 €

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BEGINNING JAVA SE 6 GAME PROGRAMMING, THIRD EDITION is a hands-on guide that is perfect for beginner-level game programmers who want to quickly and easily learn how to create games using the latest version of the Java SDK, Java 6. Written in simple language, the book teaches each new skill using engaging tutorials, followed by end-of-chapter questions and exercises to help reinforce what you've just learned. Each chapter builds upon the previous ones, allowing you to repeat and practice the techniques covered. You'll begin with the basics of writing a simple game using vector graphics, move on to utilizing Java's advanced library to add animation and sound effects, and end by creating a professional, sprite-based game full of interesting artwork and details that you can share with others on the web.

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