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Adobe photoshop cs4 studio techniques

Adobe photoshop cs4 studio techniques

Author: Ben Willmore And Dan Ablan
Editorial: ADOBE PRESS
Pages: 458
Edition: 1edition
Edition date: 12-03-2009
ISBN: 9780321613103
Price: 59 €

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Ready to learn not just the hows but also the whys behind the most powerful features the Photoshop CS4? In a friendly, easy-going style that’s long on information and short on techno-babble, Photoshop Hall-of Famer Ben Willmore and photographer Dan Ablan guide you through the concepts that will truly make a difference in how you use Photoshop every day. You won’t be blindly following step- by -step instructions: instead, you’ll develop and in-depth understanding of how Photoshop works, cutting through the fat to focus on Photoshop’s essential features. Ben and Dan distill Photoshop's vast capabilities down to what you need to know for a full understanding of the program. By the time you finish this book, you'll finally "get" Photoshop

- Revised and updated for Photoshop CS4, including extensive coverage of the Adobe Bridge, Camera Raw, and the program's revamped user interface.
- Learn how to use Photoshop like a pro, with a solid foundation in the crucial tools, brushes, menus, panels, layers, masks, and selections that drive impressive results
- Master real-world production techniques such as how to sharpen properly, correct and optimize images, work with grayscale images, and make the most of curves and channels
- Unleash your creative vision while you learn the secrets of masking complex images, blending and enhancing, professional retouching, creating collages, colorizing, and working with filters and layer masks
- Bonus video's available for download from the site include tutorials on improving workflow, line art scanning, channels, shadows, resolution solution, and type and backgorund effects!

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