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Unity 3d and playmaker essentials: game development from concept to publishing

Unity 3d and playmaker essentials: game development from concept to publishing

Autor: Jere Miles
Editorial: FOCAL PRESS
Planes: 483
Edició: 1a edició
ISBN: 9781138921771
Preu: 59,9 €

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Provides theoretical background on the design and practice of creating video games
Presents topics in a building-block manner
Leads you through implementing theories and concepts in creating video games by using Unity 3D and PlayMaker
Uses a design document that enables you to create your own unique game by the time you finish this book
Includes a companion website with supplementary content, such as video tutorials
In introducing new students to video game development, there are two crucial components to consider: design and implementation. Unity 3D and PlayMaker Essentials: Game Development from Concept to Publishing provides theoretical background on topics such as characters, stories, level design, interface design, audio, game mechanics, and tools and skills needed.
Each chapter focuses on a specific topic, with topics building upon each other so that by the end of the book you will have looked into all the subjects relevant to creating your own game. The book transitions from discussion to demonstrations of how to implement techniques and concepts into practice by using Unity3D and PlayMaker. Download boxes are included throughout the book where you can get the version of the game project under discussion or other content to add to the project, as well as any supplementary video tutorials that have been developed.
Addressing both theoretical and practical aspects, Unity 3D and PlayMaker Essentials enables you to understand how to create a game by having you make a game. By gradually completing your own design document through the course of the book, you will become familiar with core design principles while learning the practical skills needed to bring your unique game to life.

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