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Unity 3 game development hotshot

Unity 3 game development hotshot

Autor: Wittayabundit, Jate
Planes: 367
Edició: 1a edició
Data edició: 30-09-2011
ISBN: 9781849691123
Preu: 49,9 €

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Jate was born in Bangkok, Thailand in 1980 and has a passion for both arts and mathematics. He received a Bachelor's Degree of Architecture in 2003 and used to be an interior architect for several companies. Then,he came to Ottawa, Canada in 2005 and graduated from the Game Development program at Algonquin College in 2008.
Since he graduated from the Game Development program, he started working at Launchfire Interactive Inc. ( as a Flash Actionscript Programmer and developed many games and interactive contents (for the client such as Dell, Alaska Airline, etc.). In 2009, he decided to move to Toronto, bigger city, to get more chances to work in Game industry. He started a new position as a Game Developer & 3D Artist at Inc. ( At Splashworks, he had a great chance to work with many different games and clients (such as, Shockwave, Swiss Chalet, and so on). It also gave him a chance to get to know Unity3D and love just how friendly UI is and how fast the workflow is.
The first video game he ever played was "Super Mario Bros." and he has loved playing games ever since. He believes that being an Architect is also his strength; it supports his concepts and ideas of how the real world could apply in the virtual world.
In his spare time, he loves to work on 3D software, such as Zbrush, or 3D Studio Max. He also loves painting and drawing. Currently, he's trying to marry his architectural and 3D skills with his game development skills to create the next innovation game.

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