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The book of audacity

The book of audacity

Autor: Schroder, Carla
Planes: 360
Edició: 1a edició
Data edició: 28-03-2011
ISBN: 9781593272708
Preu: 39,95 €

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The Book of Audacity shows you how to complete fun and useful projects with Audacity, the cross-platform, open source audio editor and recorder. You'll learn how to digitize your vinyl record collections, create podcasts, record live performances, create super-high fidelity recordings, mix and master multi-track recordings, and create ringtones, special effects, and more. You'll also learn how to package your work for online distribution, whether that means distributing a podcast on iTunes or selling an album on CD Baby.
The Book of Audacity is the definitive guide to Audacity, the powerful, free, cross-platform audio editor. Audacity allows anyone to transform their Windows, Mac, or Linux computer into a powerful recording studio.
The Book of Audacity is the perfect book for bands on a budget, solo artists, audiophiles, and anyone who wants to learn more about digital audio. Musician and podcaster Carla Schroder will guide you through a range of fun and useful Audacity projects that will demystify that geeky audio jargon and show you how to get the most from Audacity.
You'll learn how to:
Record podcasts, interviews, and live performances
Be your own backing band or chorus
Edit, splice, mix, and master multitrack recordings
Create super-high fidelity and surround-sound recordings
Digitize your vinyl or tape collection and clean up noise, hisses, and clicks
Create custom ringtones and sweet special effects
In addition, you'll learn how to choose and use digital audio hardware like mics and preamps, and tune your computer for flawless audio performance. You'll also find out how to package your work for digital distribution, whether you want to share a podcast through iTunes or sell your own CDs. Become your own producer with The Book of Audacity. The fun starts now.

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