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No-code video game development using unity and playmaker

No-code video game development using unity and playmaker

Autor: Michael Kelley
Editorial: CRC PRESS
Planes: 292
Edició: 1a edició
ISBN: 9781498735650
Preu: 59,9 €

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In the past, not being able to program meant not being able to make video games. Now if you can draw a flow-chart you can use powerful State Machine technology to create your dream game! No-Code Video Game Development using Unity and Playmaker will teach you how to substitute flow-charts for code. As a complete course, it uses a project-based approach. The FPS project comes with over a hundred dollars worth of free #gamedev DLC: Unity Packages, Playmaker Templates, Character Models, Animations, Materials, and more! You'll also learn game design documentation and theory, Mecanim, Particle Systems, and UI. By the time you're done you'll have gained the skills needed to create your own dream game, all without writing any code!

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