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 inglés. temario. volumen 2

inglés. temario. volumen 2

Autor: González González, Paloma
Editorial: MAD
Planes: 312
Edició: 01a edició
Data edició: 01-01-2012
ISBN: 9788467625813
Preu: 41 €

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NUEVA EDICION PARA CONVOCATORIAS 2012 adaptada al Temario Oficial publicado en el BOE nº278 de 18/11/2011.

The purpose of this Volume II, which covers Topics 18-34, is to give candidates enough material to allow them to write a well-reasoned, well-structured essay, covering all the sections while at the same time giving their "personal touch", and all this done in two hours. This has led us to include, particularly in some of these 17 topics, some information we have considered may help you. This does not mean that you should or must include it all in your topic. It only means that we feel it will help you understand and better write on that particular issue.

The topics have been revised so that they follow to the letter all the sections stated by the Ministry of Education. In most cases we have also followed the order of the sections.

To help candidates write better essays we have also written a guide on "How to write good essays in English". This is available at the corresponding MAD and Sls Hallam websites.

We really hope this volume will help you to prepare well for the exam.

Also, to clarify, explain, expand on or learn new things about this fascinating language you want to teach or are already teaching.

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