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How to cheat in photoshop elements 7

How to cheat in photoshop elements 7

Autor: David Asch & Steve Caplin
Editorial: FOCAL PRESS
Planes: 280
Edició: 1a edició
Data edició: 17-11-2008
ISBN: 9780240521541
Preu: 49 €

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Having trouble getting an artistic idea out of your head and onto the screen? Want to produce amazing creations in Elements without reading pages and pages of instructions? How to Cheat in Elements is the can't-miss book with the can-do attitude. Under the expert guidance of Elements masters David Asch and Steve Caplin, you'll get the hands-on experience needed to quickly craft inspired images that captivate the imagination. Fool your friends by creating montages and manipulations that look like the genuine article. Save time with invaluable shortcuts and tips to cut through unnecessary steps, helping you to work faster and smarter. Work through each section to build up your skills or dip into a project to learn a new technique: turn day into night add snow, shadows and water to your scenes make fire and smoke and, give your car a re-spray. If you can imagine it, we can show you how to do it in Photoshop Elements!Covering the latest tools and features in Elements 7, this book contains cutting-edge projects, tips and techniques as well as activities relevant to previous Elements versions. QuickTime movie tutorials and images for all projects in the book are included on the accompanying CD-ROM, with additional support and an active reader forum on the website for the book. It is fun and creative, with more than 80 full colour, step-by-step projects, supported by QuickTime movie tutorials and image files. The title offers in-depth coverage of photomontage and image manipulation you won't find in the wealth of Elements books focused on photography post-capture editing. It is part of the successful Focal Press How to Cheat In series, featuring Steve Caplin's best-selling How to Cheat in Photoshop titles.

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