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Get up to speed with online marketing

Get up to speed with online marketing

Autor: Reed, Jon
Planes: 250
Edició: 1a edició
Data edició: 01-11-2010
ISBN: 9780273732648
Preu: 25,95 €

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If you want to grow your business, how do you get the word out about your product or service. By going where your market is, and increasingly, that's online.
This straightforward, step-by-step guide to online marketing shows you affordable and effective ways to:
· Create a website
· Get found on Google
· Get your email marketing right
· Create content your market will value with blogs, podcasts, video and images
· Promote your business with social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
· Develop a coherent online marketing plan
· Manage your online marketing workload
· Measure your results
Not to be part of the social media revolution is to miss out. Jon Reed really gets it and shows you how to join in.' Suzanne Moore, Columnist, Mail on Sunday
Packed with practical, no-nonsense insight that allows you not only to keep up but to get ahead. Justin Cooke, CEO, Fortune Cookie and Chair, British Interactive Media Association
Should be on the desk of anyone wanting to make a success of their online presence.Claudio Concha, Head of New Media, Big Lottery Fund
If you want to use social media to build your business, [this] straightforward guide will help you figure out where to start. Suzanne Kavanagh, Skillset

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