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Game programming for teens

Game programming for teens

Autor: Sethi, Maneesh
Editorial: THOMSON
Planes: 349
Edició: 3a edició
Data edició: 01-01-2011
ISBN: 9781598635188
Preu: 35 €

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Do you enjoy playing video games and want to learn how to create your own? "Game Programming for Teens, Third Edition" shows you how to design and develop a complete video game from start to finish, no prior programming knowledge required. You'll begin by learning the basics of BlitzMax, a simple cross-platform game programming language that can be used on Windows, Mac, or Linux operating systems. Once you understand how to write the programming code, you'll begin to incorporate all the graphical elements of games including varying colors, loading and displaying images, and creating scrolling backgrounds. Finally, you?ll learn how to add sound and music, use keyboard input codes, and even integrate artificial intelligence. New skills are taught step-by-step, and each chapter builds upon the techniques you learned in the previous, so by the end of the book you'll have built your very own fully functioning video game. And the CD-ROM contains all the source code, art and sound files, and demo versions of BlitzMax and the other programs used in the book. So don?t just play video games, build your own, with "Game Programming for Teens, Third Edition!" Features Newest edition of bestselling "Game Programming for Teens," which teaches teens or beginners step-by-step how to create a fully-functioning game. Unlike the previous two editions, uses BlitzMax, a cross-platform programming language that works on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

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