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Game programming algorithms and techniques: a platform-agnostic approach

Game programming algorithms and techniques: a platform-agnostic approach

Autor: Madhav, Sanjay
Planes: 352
Edició: 1a edició
ISBN: 9780321940155
Preu: 56 €

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Game Programming Algorithms and Techniques is a broad overview of many of the important algorithms and techniques used in video game programming. It features a unique framework-agnostic approach, so the material you learn is relevant regardless of the language or framework you choose to create your game. This approach makes the book applicable to any platform including PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and consoles.
The topics covered are reinforced with two full-game case studies: a 2D side-scroller for iOS (written in Objective-C using cocos2d) and a 3D tower defense game for PC/Mac (written in C# using XNA/MonoGame). These games demonstrate many of the algorithms and techniques covered throughout the book. Source code is available online.
While this book is written with a university game programming curriculum in mind, it is a useful text for experienced programmers interested in learning how to create games. Junior engineers in the video game industry should also find this book's broad coverage of topics valuable. By the end of this book, the reader will be able to program a 2D or 3D game in any framework of their choosing.

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