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Franzis tutorial kit electronics

Franzis tutorial kit electronics

Autor: Burkhard Kainka
Planes: 115
Edició: 1a edició
ISBN: 9783645652278
Preu: 39,9 €

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Get started with the basics of electronics and develop not only the circuits presented in this kit but your own applications as well. This tutorial kit includes a breadboard and the relevant components for a quick start. Build the circuits on the included experimental board, test the functionality and try out variants. Grasp knowledge - physically! From LED lamps and basic electric circuits to light/sound sensors and basic transistor circuits to MF and HF radios and synthesizers - 50 exciting experiments waiting for you! Extensive manual The package contains extensive information and building suggestions from all domains of electronics - from historical spark transmitters to valve amplifiers to up-to-date projects like building a receiver for digital broadcasting services. The detailed manual describes the set-up and gives all required instructions for successful experiments. weiter >

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