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Focus on photoshop elements

Focus on photoshop elements

Autor: Asch David
Editorial: FOCAL PRESS
Planes: 154
Edició: 1a edició
Data edició: 13-07-2011
ISBN: 9780240814452
Preu: 12 €

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Are you bewildered by the advanced editing options available in Photoshop Elements? Do you want to get the most out of your image without going bleary-eyed in front of a computer screen?
This handy guide will explain the ins and outs of using Photoshop Elements, without having to spend hours staring at the screen. Using a fabulous combination of easy-to-follow advice and step-by-step instructions, Focus On Photoshop Elements gives great advice on setting up, storing and sharing your image library and teaches you the basics of RAW image processing and color correction, plus shows you how to edit and retouch your images for stunning results. These simple tweaks and adjustments will take your images from so-so to amazing - and fast!
Packed with inspiring photographs, this guide focuses on your needs as a photographer and nothing else.
No nonsense guide to getting the most out of your images using Photoshop Elements

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