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Flex 3 in action

Flex 3 in action

Autor: Tariq Ahmed
Editorial: MANNING
Planes: 543
Edició: 1a edició
Data edició: 05-02-2009
ISBN: 9781933988740
Preu: 59 €

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With Flex 3, web developers at any skill level can create high-quality, effective, and interactive Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) easily. Flex removes the complexity barrier from RIA development by offering sophisticated tools and a straightforward programming language so you can focus on what you want to do instead of how to do it. And now that the major components of Flex are free & open-source.
Flex 3 in Action is an easy-to-follow, hands-on Flex tutorial. Full of examples, this book helps put Flex to work in day-to-day tasks. You'll master the Flex API & learn to apply the techniques that make your Flex applications stand out from the crowd. Many Flex books are overwhelming to new users, Flex 3 in Action dives into the core topics you need every day.
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