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Acces 2007 vba

Acces 2007 vba

Autor: Teresa Henning, Rob Cooper, Geoffrey Griffith, Arm
Editorial: WROX PRESS
Planes: 1152
Edició: 1a edició
Data edició: 16-05-2007
ISBN: 9780470047033
Preu: 40 €

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Providing complete and authoritative coverage of all aspects of VBA programming for Access applications, this book uses real-world code examples to demonstrate each programming topic Introductory chapters provide a brief overview of VBA and highlight what's new in Access 2007, the most popular database system in the world Shows experienced VBA developers and programmers how to create secure VBA code and examines how to use VBA with ADO, SQL, APIs, or other Office applications Demonstrates how to use the Access object model, the Windows registry, and ADE tools, and explains how to use VBA to create and enhance forms and reports The companion Web site includes updates to the book and links to useful resources.
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